There is no doubt that hiring a wedding planner is money well spent. However, a professional wedding planner charges an average of $3000 to completely plan a wedding. That fee drops to around $1500 if all you need is someone to coordinate the actual wedding day. And that is in addition to all the other wedding expenses!

But what if you could have a wedding planner support you as you planned your own wedding, for a fraction of the cost?

Now you can! Save 25% off our regular price of $497 and let the “Your Perfect Wedding — Planned by You” programme offer you the unlimited support of a professional wedding planner customized to you and your wedding planning questions for only $367 (limited time only)

Join the countless couples who have had the time of their lives planning their perfect weddings with the help of this programme!

Getting started is as easy as saying “I do!”

Save money

Save time

Save energy

Here’s what you will get with the programme!

  • Five (5) pdf wedding planning workbooks
  • Weddingology in pdf form
  • One (1) FaceTime or phone consultation (up to one hour each) for each unit, discuss your plans as the progress, and have your questions answered
  • Unlimited Email correspondence
  • Vendor Contract Review
  • Ceremony Order Outline
  • Reception Agenda complete with timeline
  • Personalized To Do List (from our discussions)

The 5 modules and the worksheets they contain cover everything from the engagement to the honeymoon, including guests and gifts, venues and vendors, music, flowers, ceremonies, dressing the entire wedding party, and much more!

The cost of the programme is only $497, but during 2021 Sandcastles is celebrating its 25th anniversary and YOU get the gift — 25% off — $367 — no matter when your wedding or how long it takes you to finish!

Weddingology (the resource used in the programme) is available separately as a 389-page pdf. It can be easily ordered by a $15 (Canadian dollars) email transfer to

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